MIT Golub Center for Finance and Policy

Advisory Board

GCFP Advisory Board

  • Dr. Bennet Golub, Chair

    Chief Risk Officer, BlackRock Inc.

  • Carla Avila

    Co-Founder/Managing Partner, Electa Partners

  • Dr. Dan Crippen

    Former Director, Congressional Budget Office

  • Anthony Ferrari

    Co-Founder and President, Crimson Asset Management Ltd.

  • Peter Fisher

    Managing Director, BlackRock Inc

  • Eric Aboaf

    Chief Financial Officer, State Street Corporation

  • Charles Hatami

    Global Head of Financial & Strategic Investors and Chair of Middle East Region, BlackRock Inc.

  • Bernard Horn

    President, Polaris Capital Management LLC

  • Sujitpan Lamsam

    Vice Chair, Kasikorn Bank

  • Mac McQuown

    Principal and Director, DCI LLC

  • Nan Morrison

    President/CEO, Council for Economic Education

  • Joseph Naggar

    Partner/Head of Structured Products, Golden Tree Asset Management

  • Mary Naphtal

    Chief Operating Officer/Founding Partner, P/E Investments

  • Warren Naphtal

    Chief Investment Officer/Founding Partner, P/E Investments

  • Laurence Nath

    Partner in the Strategic Advisory Group, PJT Partners

  • Robert Pozen

    Senior Lecturer, MIT Sloan and Former President, Fidelity Investments

  • Sadeq Sayeed

    Chairman, Metage Capital Limited

  • Dr. Sunghwan Shin

    Monetary Policy Board, Bank of Korea

  • Dr. Andre Stern

    Principal/Founding Partner, Oxford Asset Management LLP

  • C.S. Venkatakrishnan

    CEO, Barclays

  • Paul Wojcik

    CFO, Impact Investment Exchange

  • Chi-Won Yoon

    Former President and CEO of UBS