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A primary goal of the GCFP is to provide greater access to the tools of modern financial analysis to current and future regulators, policymakers, and other public-sector stakeholders. GCFP educational initiatives are directed at developing:

  • Curricular materials customized to the needs of policy makers
  • Free online courseware
  • Executive education programs for public-sector managers and regulators
  • MIT courses on financial policy issues
  • Action learning opportunities for Master’s students through partnerships with public and regulatory agencies
  • Advanced training for Master’s and Ph.D. students interested in financial research with a policy focus

—MIT GCFP Affiliated Courses

Course Title
11.S968 Housing Finance and Social Equity Spring 6 Cr.
15.S06 Finance Ethics & Regulation Fall 6 Cr.
15.S16 Financial Regulation: From banks, non-banks and markets to cryptocurrency, stable coins, and digital currencies Spring 6 Cr.
MITx Financial Regulation: From the Global Financial Crisis to Fintech and the COVID Pandemic Fall 0 Cr.

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