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Inaugural Miriam Pozen Prize Address by Stanley Fischer



NOVEMBER 4, 2021
Welcome Reception at 5:00 P.M. ET—E51 Ting Foyer
Lecture at 5:30 P.M. ET—E51 Wong Auditorium

Dr. Stanley Fischer, the inaugural Miriam Pozen Prize winner, presented his insights into international monetary policy responses to the Covid-19 pandemic and past financial crises. A panel discussion of Dr. Fischer’s presentation and his broader contributions to the field, featuring Olivier Blanchard, Kristin Forbes, Kenneth Rogoff, and Lawrence Summers, followed.

The event took place in person and virtually.

About the Award
MIT’s first-ever prize in financial policy, the Miriam Pozen Prize honors the late mother of Robert C. Pozen, a Senior Lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management and a member of the GCFP’s Advisory BoardIn establishing the Miriam Pozen Prize, the GCFP hopes to contribute to the improved evaluation and management of government financial institutions, regulation of financial markets and institutions and measurement and management of risk.

About the Awardee
Dr. Stanley Fischer is a distinguished academic authoring seminal papers on monetary policy and advising many students. He served at the highest levels of monetary authorities in both the United States and Israel.

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Stanley Fischer critiques COVID-19 monetary policies

Why It Matters

In accepting the inaugural Miriam Pozen Prize, Fischer gives central banks’ response to the pandemic high marks. Larry Summers begs to differ.

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