Our Vision

A global MIT community who engages and enables others to confront and solve the world’s pressing problems.

Our Mission

The MIT Leadership Center helps students build the self-knowledge and collaborative capability necessary to make positive organizational and societal change. 

MIT Leadership Center Welcome

                         Our Approach 

Being a highly effective leader requires a deep understanding of what it means to be human in a complex world. Rallying around a cause, problem, issue, or opportunity that matters to you and to the world is a cornerstone of leadership at MIT. 

At the MIT Leadership Center we believe that leadership is the process of solving problems that won’t otherwise be handled in the existing system. The leadership process includes a diagnostic component that allows you to identify gaps, along with an action-oriented component that encourages you to        utilize skills to close those gaps. 

Leadership development means pursuing self and other-awareness in the service of improving performance at three levels; individual, team, and organization. The key to developing into an effective leader is to learn about and practice it. At Sloan you will learn about and practice leadership from each of these levels.

MIT Leadership Development Process at 3 Levels

 Since 2005, the MIT Leadership Center has served as a platform to reframe the conventional definition of leadership. By offering access to a cutting-edge education and opportunities to practice what they learn, we strengthen their capacity to develop innovative solutions to complex problems and develop themselves into the next generation of effective leaders worldwide.

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