MIT Leadership Center

SFMBA Students

—SFMBA Leadership Elective Courses

Course Title
15.325 Seminar in Leadership Fall 3 Cr.
15.326 Seminar in Leadership II Spring 3 Cr.
15.S21 SSIM: Leadership and Teams Lab Summer 3 Cr.

SFMBA students are eligible to take certain MBA leadership electives. 

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MIT Leadership Center Designed Programs for SFMBA Students

  • Practical Intensives

    These short executive development sessions will help you develop skills critical to being a successful leader. Each session will focus on one skill at a time, and provide you with opportunities for practical skill-building in small, interactive groups of 30 to 40 students.  

    Practical Intensives also give you the opportunity to network with executive students from across MIT Sloan programs and class years. Visit the Leadership Center's SloanGroups website for more information. 

  • x360

    All SFMBA students complete the x360 Leadership Development survey, a tool based on cutting edge research by MIT Sloan faculty members and other leadership experts from around the world. The survey also gathers observer feedback and a personal assessment of your leadership capabilities compiled into a comprehensive, individualized report. In a one-on-one coaching session, you’ll review the report and begin to set your own leadership development goals with the help of your coach. This session will help you identify critical leadership development you can hone at MIT Sloan, and beyond.