MIT Leadership Center

Support for EMBA Students

Leadership is integrated into your entire EMBA experience at MIT from day one. Starting from your first week-long module, you’ll be introduced to our approach to leadership. Throughout the program, you’ll work with your executive leadership coach in both individual and team settings to help transform and translate classroom content into tangible actions. You and your learning team will meet regularly to explore your leadership development throughout your first year.

EMBA students arrive at MIT with extensive leadership experience. The EMBA program will help you to capitalize on the leadership development opportunities present in your day-to-day work. Your learning team and leadership coach provide the resources, support, and practice spaces needed for you to investigate your own leadership effectiveness, identify changes you need to make, and apply these changes in your current role.

Executive leadership coaching spans your entire 20-month program, supporting your ongoing leadership development.  Leadership coaching helps cultivate a greater sense of self-awareness, creates space to practice leadership capabilities, and can transform how you present yourself as a leader - whether you're bringing your amplified skills to your current organization or applying them as you move into a different role.

The Leadership Center's unique approach integrates science-based frameworks, executive leadership coaching, and practice, creating the ideal environment for your transformative leadership development.

—EMBA Leadership Courses

Course Title
15.700 Leadership and Integrative Management Fall 9 Cr.
15.705 Organizations Lab Fall 12 Cr.
15.708 Global Organizations Lab: Action Learning Project Spring 15 Cr.
15.716 Leading Organizations Summer 9 Cr.