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Support for MIT Sloan Fellows

Leadership is integrated into your entire SFMBA experience at MIT from day one. Starting from the core Leadership and Teams Lab class that spans your first summer, you’ll be introduced to our approach to leadership. The course will help you develop your skills in navigating and leveraging difference more constructively. Your experience on teams during the summer acts as a practice space to develop these conflict management skills.

Throughout the course and SFMBA program, you’ll work with your executive leadership coach in both individual and team settings to help transform and translate classroom content into tangible actions. To maximize the chance that it is a positive, developmental experience, throughout the summer you will work on a learning team. Your learning team will meet regularly to explore your leadership development throughout your first year. 

Executive leadership coaching spans your entire 12-month program, supporting your ongoing leadership development.  Leadership coaching helps cultivate a greater sense of self-awareness, creates space to practice leadership capabilities, and can transform how you present yourself as a leader.

The Leadership Center's unique approach integrates science-based frameworks, executive leadership coaching, and practice, creating the ideal environment for your transformative leadership development.

—SFMBA Leadership Courses

Course Title
15.325 Seminar in Leadership Fall 3 Cr.
15.326 Seminar in Leadership II Spring 3 Cr.
15.338 Leadership and Teams Lab Summer 6 Cr.


SFMBA students are eligible to take certain MBA leadership electives. 

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