Coursework Sample

TIES PhD students usually take four semesters worth of classes. The table below represents an accurate depiction of the classes that recent students have selected, with the important caveat that their reference discipline was economics. Note that it is frequent for our students to also take a class or two during the third year of the program. This can occur when the student’s dissertation plans calls for specific expertise or knowledge that was not adequately covered by the courses taken during the first two years.

Note: The above applies for students whose reference discipline is economics. For students whose reference discipline is sociology, the course requirements of the PhD program in Economic Sociology would apply. Students have the freedom to select the economics subfields they want to concentrate on during their second year. Labor economics has been a popular choice in the recent past, but other students have focused instead on development economics or industrial organization.

Courses with an asterisk correspond to program breadth and depth requirements.

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