Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Strategic Management

TIES 50th Anniversary

TIES 50th Anniversary

In 2011, MIT Sloan’s Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Strategic Management group marked its 50th anniversary. The group celebrated by hosting “Innovating the Way We Innovate: The MIT Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship and Strategy Group 50th Anniversary Research Conference and Doctoral Consortium.”

This forward-looking event focused on research frontiers in the management of technology, innovation, entrepreneurship, and strategy. The program also examined the symbiotic relationship between MIT as a science and engineering research enterprise and its leadership in research and teaching in the strategic management of science, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

“Innovating the Way We Innovate” featured luminaries from the MIT and MIT Sloan faculty and prestigious educational institutions from across the globe. The program included sessions considering topics such as the MIT approach to innovation management and entrepreneurship; new frontiers in the strategic management of science, innovation, and entrepreneurship; and new directions in innovation.

The TIES Group is built on a tradition of research and teaching that began in 1961 with the foundation of the Management of Technology program. The program was dedicated to identifying the best ways to organize research enterprises and commercialize new discoveries and technologies. The TIES group has carried on this proud tradition with its unflinching support and commitment to advancing innovation and its strategic management to the best advantage of new products and solutions.