Dean Eckles


Dean Eckles


Dean Eckles is the Mitsubishi Career Development Professor and an Associate Professor of Marketing at MIT Sloan. He is affiliate faculty at the Institute for Data, Systems & Society in the Schwarzman College of Computing.

His substantive research examines people's interactions with and through communication technologies, especially the ways these technologies mediate, amplify, and direct social influence. This work sometimes requires or benefits from new analytical methods, so Eckles also works on applied statistics, design of field experiments, and causal inference.

Prior to joining MIT, he was a scientist at Facebook, where he worked on many product areas and analytical methods, including News Feed, messaging, advertising, tools for randomized experiments, and survey methods. Eckles previously worked in research at Nokia and Yahoo.

Eckles received his BA in philosophy, a BS and MS in cognitive science, an MS in statistics, and a PhD in communication, all from Stanford University.


Eckles wins Amazon Research Award


"Interdependence and the Cost of Uncoordinated Responses to COVID-19."

Holtz, David, Michael Zhao, Seth G. Benzell, Cathy Y. Cao, M. Amin Rahimian, Jeremy Yang, Jennifer Allen, Avinash Collis, Alex Moehring, Tara Sowrirajan, Dipayan Ghosh, Yunhao Zhang, Paramveer S. Dhillon, Christos Nicolaides, Dean Eckles, and Sinan Aral, MIT Sloan Working Paper 6111-20. Cambridge, MA: MIT Sloan School of Management, May 2020.

"Protecting Elections from Social Media Manipulation."

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"Bootstrap Thompson Sampling and Sequential Decision Problems in the Behavioral Sciences."

Eckles, Dean, and Maurits Kaptein. Sage Open Vol. 9, No. 2 (2019): 1-12. Download Paper.

"Exact p-values for Network Interference."

Athey, Susan, Dean Eckles, and Guido W. Imbens. Journal of the American Statistical Association Vol. 113, No. 521 (2018): 230-240.

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