Ezra W. Zuckerman Sivan


Ezra W. Zuckerman Sivan


Ezra Zuckerman Sivan is Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning and the Alvin J. Siteman (1948) Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship. He is also cofounder of MIT Sloan's PhD Program in Economic Sociology.

Zuckerman Sivan is an economic sociologist whose research focuses on showing how an understanding of fundamental social processes is important for shedding light on key issues in business and management, as well as how an appreciation for the dynamics of business and management inform our understanding of fundamental social processes.  He is perhaps best known for demonstrating the importance of categorical structures in shaping valuation in various markets.  

Zuckerman Sivan's master's and executive level teaching centers on competitive and technology strategy, and he teaches two doctoral courses, "Sociology of Strategy" and "Identity and Action."

He holds a BA in political science from Columbia University as well as an MA and a PhD in sociology from the University of Chicago.



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