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Leadership Lessons In A Time Of Global Turbulence

Johanna Hising DiFabio,
Assistant Dean, Executive Degree Programs

This is a year when just stopping our heads from spinning for a day is an achievement to be celebrated. In the leadership realm, however, the weary have been afforded little rest. Yet, this is what leaders train for and how they define their careers. This is an opportunity to think about the management of organizations deeply, scientifically, humanely, holistically—and to find our way through an unprecedented set of crises that are testing our systems and challenging us to accomplish more than we ever have.

So, what better time for our faculty and alumni around the world who are on the front lines of decision-making to share their stories of challenge and opportunity, optimism and concern. In some cases, the lessons learned during years of study and practice have proven robust and provided the foundation of resilience and recovery. In others, the strategies may have been learned but not yet implemented. In all cases, we hear that people and ideas matter and that optimism, ingenuity, and a tireless pursuit of solutions will carry us through.



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