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Fudan University

The International MBA (IMBA) program at Fudan University School of Management in Shanghai is the proud result of a longstanding, collaborative relationship with MIT Sloan. One of the first and leading programs of its kind in China, Fudan's IMBA program equips students with the management skills and experience needed to excel in a global Chinese corporation or international company doing business in China. In turn, MIT Sloan students, faculty, and administrators gain valuable insight into China and Chinese-based economies. 

The Fudan IMBA program is accredited by AACSB and taught entirely in English. Graduates receive an International MBA degree from Fudan University and a certificate from MIT Sloan. Each graduate also becomes an affiliate alumnus of MIT Sloan, gaining access to the school's extensive alumni community and networking events around the world. 


  • MIT Sloan faculty visits to Fudan
  • International Faculty Fellows
  • Action learning
  • MSMS program opportunity
Tsinghua University

The School of Economics and Management at Tsinghua University in Beijing was one of the first Chinese schools to establish an international MBA program, now a Global MBA program, introducing western management principles to the Chinese higher education system and catalyzing the development of MBA education throughout China. Created in close collaboration with MIT Sloan, the Tsinghua International MBA (IMBA) program enables Chinese students, faculty, and administrators to benefit from MIT Sloan's approach to management education and research. In turn, MIT Sloan students, faculty, and administrators gain insight into China and Chinese-based economies. 

The program is AACSB-accredited and taught entirely in English. Graduates earn a Global MBA from Tsinghua, a certificate from MIT Sloan, and the skill set required to thrive in today's competitive, global business environment. Graduates also become affiliate alumni of MIT Sloan and gain access to the invaluable networking opportunities that stem from MIT Sloan's worldwide alumni network.   


  • China Center for Financial Research - This center promotes research on China's financial system, sponsors an annual conference, and offers advanced training programs and workshops for Chinese faculty.
  • MIT Sloan faculty visits to Tsinghua
  • On-campus GMBA student visit to MIT Sloan
  • Action learning
  • MSMS program opportunity  

Faculty Director

Juanjuan Zhang

Juanjuan Zhang

Management Science

John D. C. Little Professor of Marketing

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