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Upcoming Fall 2020 Events🔗

  • Oct. 29, HSI Seminar: Data-Driven Design: Rethinking Buildings’ Role in Healthcare Delivery, with Sonal Singh and Jim Peraino🔗

    A growing body of evidence shows that healthcare facilities play critical roles in driving the patient experience, operational efficiencies, and patient health outcomes. Although data-driven approaches are prevalent in healthcare, a lack of architectural data has resulted in these crucial assets being overlooked as tools for health system improvement.

    In this lunch seminar, two MIT alumni who cofounded Spatio Metrics will discuss how their startup is leveraging data science and machine learning to enable a data-driven approach to building design and management. 


    Sonal Singh, MBA '19,  is co-founder and CEO of Spatio Metrics.

    Jim Peraino, SM '20, RA, EDAC is co-founder and CTO of Spatio Metrics.   Join us Thursday October 29, 2020, 12:30pm - 2pm

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  • Nov. 12, (HSI) Health Systems Initiative Seminar: Business Challenge: Uptake of digital risk minimization tools by healthcare professionals and patients with Meredith Smith, Phd, MPA🔗

     Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are increasingly using digital tools and approaches to recruit patients for clinical trials and data, to assess and monitor patients’ health status and to communicate product information to patients and healthcare professionals. The industry is investing in digital tools for patients as part of a larger strategy known as “beyond the molecule” in which they seek to offer tools that support the use of a particular drug product.  Such tools are designed to be low-cost to the healthcare system but of high added value to the intended patients. 

    The quality with which digital health tools are implemented and disseminated directly impacts how well they reach the target patient population and are adopted into routine use within the healthcare delivery context.  To fully exploit the promise of digital technology, companies need to understand both the barriers and facilitators that affect use are, as well as strategies that have been shown to work. In this talk we will discuss both issues and potential solutions for digital initiatives within company drug safety departments.



    Meredith Smith, PhD, MPA is Risk Management Director at Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. She is a behavioral scientist and health services researcher. Meredith is on the board of the Rutgers University BioPharma Educational Initiative in the School of Health Professions and is an adjunct professor at the University of Southern California’s School of Pharmacy. Join us Thursday November 12, 2020 12:30pm - 2pm  

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    Zoom link  Password: 62490  Meeting ID: 939 6323 4492  

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