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Confronting coronavirus: Insights from MIT Sloan

The coronavirus has upended life, work, and the global economy in ways few people have experienced before. What comes next is unknown, but a careful study of economics and human behavior can prepare us for the months ahead. This five-article download compiles timely insights from MIT Sloan experts.

Here’s what’s inside:

Take a look at one vaccine’s development process. Moderna’s CEO explains how the firm fast-tracked a COVID-19 vaccine candidate and why a public-private partnership could make future work even faster.

Assess the economic impact of social distancing. A new study based on data from the 1918 flu outbreak reveals that public health interventions can spur economic recovery after a pandemic.

Navigate the current markets. An MIT Sloan finance professor on what the 1918 pandemic and 2008 financial crisis can tell us about market response to coronavirus fears.

Manage the hidden risks in remote work. Without careful attention, productivity and sound decision-making can suffer. Here are three ways to preserve the social fabric essential to success.

Find out the true costs of the 2008 bailouts. Accurate accounting can help today’s policymakers make better choices. A finance professor does the math.

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