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Download: MIT Sloan research on sustainable business

As climate-related disasters multiply and pressure mounts for emissions disclosures from public firms, organizations are developing strategies for sustainable business to help them weather the tumultuous decades ahead.

This four-article download offers actionable advice from MIT Sloan experts on how to adopt, measure, and invest in sustainable business practices. 

Here’s what’s inside:

  • 4 strategies for sustainable business. Firms that invest in sustainable practices stand to reduce risks and cut costs while gaining competitive advantage. Follow these four guiding principles to set a sustainability strategy for your organization.
  • Why sustainable business needs better ESG ratings. Environmental, social, and governance data is noisy — and may not help firms protect the planet. MIT Sloan researchers explain why ESG ratings diverge and how companies can cope.
  • 5 up-and-coming jobs in sustainability, and what’s next. Five jobs that reflect the booming sustainability space — and how they intersect with efforts toward diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Sustainable investing: 4 questions to ask. Interest in ESG investing has never been higher. MIT Sloan investment expert Gita Rao suggests four questions to ask before you invest.

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Executive Education: Strategies for Sustainable Business

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