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Supply chain

Special report: Supply chain 2020

What don’t you know about your supply chain? More than you might imagine. This four-article download explores supply chain threats and opportunities and lays out ways to achieve efficiency, resilience, and competitive advantage.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • Identify the cyberthreats lurking in your supply chain. From software service providers and outside contractors to hidden backdoors baked into hardware and software, here are the places where undetected threats can lurk.
  • Explore the power of blockchain. From Walmart to A.P. Møller-Mærsk, global companies are using the distributed ledger to help lock down their supplier and distribution networks. Here’s why blockchain just might be the "killer app" of supply chain.
  • Root out ethical landmines. Follow these four steps to shine a light on supply chain blind spots and uncover hidden transgressions that can do serious damage to your firm.
  • Use supply chain visibility to your advantage. MIT Sloan researchers have found that investing in supply chain visibility is a surefire way for companies to gain consumer trust and can even lead to increased sales from certain customers.

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