Master of Business Analytics

Class of 2021 Profile

At MIT Sloan, students’ diversity both shapes and drives the incredible opportunities available for collaboration and learning.

We intentionally assemble teams of students together who have a variety of skills and experience. This diversity is critical to the MBAn experience. Together, we benefit from the many perspectives our students from all over the world bring to the community.

6 0

Size of Class 2021

By the Numbers

  • 15

    Average Month of Work Experience (includes internships)

  • 23

    Countries Represented

  • 37%


  • 70%



  • 3.9

    Median Undergraduate GPA

  • 168

    Median GRE Quant Score

  • 162-170

    GRE Quant Range (middle 80%)

  • 154-165

    GRE Verbal Range (80%)

Undergraduate Majors

  • 38%

    Math & Science

  • 30%


  • 13%


  • 10%


  • 7%


  • 2%

    Computer Science

U.S. Race/Ethnicity*

Master of Business Analytics

Federal Multi-Dimensional
American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, Other Pacific Islander 1 (6%) 1 (6%)
Asian American 5 (28%) 5 (28%)
Black / African American 0 0
Hispanic / Latinx 0 0
White 12 (67%) 12 (67%)
Multi-race 0
Did not report 0 0
TOTAL US/PR 18 (100%)  

*US race/ethnicity enrollment is shown as a percent of US citizens and permanent residents. MIT Sloan follows federal guidelines from the Department of the Interior for collecting data on race and ethnicity, which allow applicants to self-identify their race and ethnicity, with the option to select more than one race and/or ethnicity. The racial and ethnic categories listed here reflect those included in our application process. Per these guidelines, students who identify as Hispanic/Latinx and any other race are represented as Hispanic/Latinx only. Students who identify with more than one race are represented as Multi-Race only. To more accurately represent the racial and ethnic identities of our students, multi-dimensional reporting includes the number of students who identify with each race or ethnicity. A single student identifying with more than one race/ethnicity will be represented in more than one row, leading to a total percentage greater than 100%.