Master of Business Analytics

How to Apply to the MBAn Program

We evaluate every new application against the current year's pool of applicants, so a previous rejection does not affect your chances for acceptance. We will consider one application per year of entry per person, so apply only once in an admission cycle.
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In response to the challenges of teaching, learning, and assessing academic performance during the global COVID-19 pandemic, MIT has adopted the following principle: MIT’s admissions committees and offices for graduate and professional schools will take the significant disruptions of the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020 into account when reviewing students’ transcripts and other admissions materials as part of their regular practice of performing individualized, holistic reviews of each applicant.

Ultimately, even in these challenging times, our goal remains to form graduate student cohorts that are collectively excellent and composed of outstanding individuals who will challenge and support one another.

For additional information visit the MIT Graduate Admissions website

Application Deadlines

The Admissions Committee reviews all applications and will notify applicants of their decision on or before the deadlines–these dates will be posted when the application goes live in early July. Please note that in the interest of confidentiality, we will only deliver official decisions via your online application.

MBAn Program Deadlines – for August 2022 Entry

  • Applications must be submitted by 3:00 p.m. EST:

    January 10, 2022


To apply to MIT Sloan, please prepare a variety of materials to help us assess your qualifications. Remember, all materials must be submitted online by the application deadlines.

A complete application for 2021 entry consists of the following:

  • Resume

    Please submit a one-page resume (Times New Roman 10-point font preferred) that includes your employment history and academic record. Other information appropriate to a business resume is welcomed and encouraged, including extracurricular activities, awards, and achievements.  For formatting purposes, please use this template and keep in mind these guidelines: 

    • Name and contact - Please REDACT (remove) this information.
    • Education - Please list institutions where degree is in progress or was awarded in reverse chronological order. Please feel free to include information about study abroad activities, relevant awards, scholarships, and professional societies.
    • Work Experience - Please list in reverse chronological order and include: company name, title, results-oriented bullets that demonstrate your skill set, and dates.
    • Additional information - Please list languages, extracurricular activities/community service, technical skills/certifications, and special skills/interests (if appropriate).
  • Essay Question

    Please describe your reason for pursuing the Master of Business Analytics degree.  What do you hope to gain from the program? What are your career aspirations? (500 words or less)

  • Letters of Recommendation

    Applicants must submit three letters of recommendation.

    • Two letters must come from someone who can speak to your quantitative abilities, academic achievements and potential.
    • The third recommendation should be from an individual, e.g., a work supervisor or manager, who is able to speak with certainty about your professional achievements and potential.

    The ideal applicant will have two letters from an academic source and one letter from a current or recent employer.

    Recommendations may be in either letter or short answer format and should not exceed two pages.

    Please choose recommenders who are able to provide specific answers to the following questions:

    • How long and in what capacity have you known the applicant?

    • How does the applicant stand out from others in a similar capacity?
    • Please give an example of the applicant's impact on a person, group, or organization.
    • Please give a representative example of how the applicant interacts with other people.
    • Which of the applicant's personal or professional characteristics would you change?
    • If you are an academic/technical recommender, please tell us how well the applicant mastered the subject you taught or supervised and in what ways the applicant demonstrated this mastery.
    • Please tell us anything else you think we should know about this applicant

    Please input the names and contact information for each provider, including the email address. Upon saving the information, the recommender will receive an email with instructions. We prefer that you enter a professional or academic email address, not a personal one.

    Lastly, inform your recommenders that in order for your application to be considered complete and on time, they must submit their recommendation on or before the deadline.

  • Transcripts

    We require all transcripts to be submitted in the original language, accompanied by an English translation. We accept translations issued by an institution or professional translating service. If you are currently earning a degree, please submit your most up-to-date transcript. Do not mail in your official academic records or transcripts.  

    In addition, if you have taken non-degree coursework that you would like the admissions committee to consider, please include relevant transcripts. 

    We cannot accept "digitally signed" or encrypted transcripts. If you're having difficulty uploading your document, this may be the reason. Print out your transcript, scan it, and upload the PDF.

    Admitted applicants to the program will be required to provide an official signed and sealed transcript from all schools attended. Any discrepancies between the scanned transcripts and official transcripts may result in a candidate's rejection or a withdrawal of our offer of admission.

  • Video Question 1

    Applicants are required to upload a 1 minute (60 second) video as part of their application. In your video, you should introduce yourself to your future classmates, tell us about your past experiences, and touch on why MIT Sloan is the best place for you to pursue your degree. 

    Videos should adhere to the following guidelines:

    • No more than 1 minute (60 second) in length
    • Single take (no editing) 
    • You should be speaking directly to the camera
    • Do not include background music or subtitles

    We recommend using applications such as QuickTime or iMovie to record yourself.  Upload the video file according to the detailed instructions within the application.

    We support the following file formats: .avi, .flv, .m1v, .m2v, .m4v, .mkv, .mov, .mpeg, .mpg, .mp4, .webm, .wmv. Apple ProRes is not currently supported. If uploading a .mov, please use an alternate codec.

    Should you experience difficulties uploading your file, please ensure that you're using a modern web browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Safari) on the fastest wired internet connection available. An intermittent or slow internet connection can cause uploads to timeout. 

  • Video Question 2

    All MBAn applicants must submit a brief video statement in response to a simple, open-ended general interest question. The question is designed to help us get to know you better; to see how you express yourself and to assess fit with the MIT Sloan culture. It does not require prior preparation and will not be a technical question. The Video Question 2 is a part of your required application materials and will appear as a page within the application, once the other parts of your application are completed. 

    Applicant receives a randomly generated question and has one minute to prepare a 60 second response.

  • Test Scores

    Standardized tests, such as GMAT, GRE, EA, TOEFL, IELTS, are a component of the application process and play an important role in our holistic evaluation process. However, in view of challenges brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, we will allow candidates for the 2020-21 admission cycle to submit their application without the test and review their submitted material as is and without negative inferences. If admitted, candidates will not be required to take a test.

    Additionally, applicants are welcome to submit other pieces of evidence, such as expired test scores (GMAT, GRE, EA, etc.); MITx MicroMasters, CORe, edX, MBAMath, or any other non-degree coursework completed; or certifications earned such as CPA, ACCA, CFA, etc; all of which may assist the Admissions Committee in its evaluation process.  

    We will accept self-reported test scores by the application deadline, and welcome either traditional or online version of exams. Official scores should also be sent using the following school codes:

    GRE School Code: 3514

    GMAT School Code: X5X-QS-64

    TOEFL School Code: 3935 (We will not accept MyBest TOEFL Scores.)

    IELTS School Code: Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan Graduate Admissions

  • Application Fee

    Application Fee: $150.00

    The non-refundable application fee is payable by credit card when you apply online. 

    We offer fee waivers to the following applicants:

    • Active U.S. military personnel
    • Current Teach for America members/alumni
    • Current Peace Corps members

    Applicants who qualify must submit the fee waiver form at least ONE week before the application deadline (an application fee waiver notification will be granted for attendees at special Identity + Inclusion events post-attendance. You do not need to submit the fee waiver form). Your request will be reviewed and you will receive an email with the results. If your fee is waived, you will be able to proceed to submit your application. 

    *Please note that we cannot grant retroactive fee waivers if the application fee has already been paid online.