Master of Business Analytics

MBAn Curriculum

The courses listed below provide a window into the MBAn academic experience. Names, numbers, instructors, and descriptions are subject to change. For the most up-to-date information, please see the MIT subject catalog.

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Courses and Units

By the end of the 12-month program, you will have completed anywhere from 111 to 141 units of class work. MBAn students take up to 66 units per term, with a maximum of 54 units from MIT Sloan courses.

2023-2024 Course Guide

Unique Analytics Capstone Project Model

The Master of Business Analytics program offers an exciting Analytics Capstone Project where students collaborate with industry professionals to solve real-world data science challenges. By participating, students receive a tuition offset of over $22K. This seven-month project involves teams of two students working with sponsor organizations in the United States and abroad. Students are matched with host organizations and supported by dedicated faculty advisors. They work on campus from February to May, meeting regularly with advisors and host organizations. In the summer, students embark on a full-time internship with the host organization. Upon completing the internship and submitting a final report and presentation in August, students graduate with their formal degree.


Want to give students real-world experience solving data challenges? 


Opportunity to Conduct Research with Faculty

Explore a diverse array of applications and methodologies in operations research and analytics by applying for a research assistantship with affiliated faculty and senior staff from MIT Sloan and MIT Operations Research Center. 


Curriculum Webinar Series

Michelle Li, Director of the MBAn program, interviews faculty about their background, expertise, courses, and the student experience in their class.