MIT Sloan Fellows MBA Program

Tuition, Expenses, and Financial Aid

The tuition figures below are for the 2021-2022 academic year, but all living expenses are taken from 2020-2021. There may be a small increase in some or all of those figures. Deposit: $10,000. Due upon acceptance and applied to first semester tuition.

Most students make one tuition payment before each term (June 1 for Summer, August 1 for Fall, and January 1 for Spring). Learn more about your payment options here.

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Tuition & Expenses 2021-2022*

  • Tuition


  • Fees


  • Books & Supplies


  • Computer


  • Food


  • Personal (includes medical insurance)


  • Housing


  • Transportation


  • Total


 *All costs are for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Applying for Financial Aid

Upon acceptance into the program, all students intending to apply for loans, including international students, must submit the MIT Graduate Loan Application form to MIT Student Financial Services.

US citizens and permanent residents are also required to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

The amount you will be authorized to borrow is set by the office of Student Financial Services and should be about the same as the amounts listed above for the student only. If you are traveling with your significant other and/or dependents, your loan limits will not necessarily cover the increased expenses detailed above. Any questions about student funding or loans, please contact MIT Sloan Student Funding,

Additional funding sources

  • Forté Foundation Fellowships

    As a sponsor of the Forté Foundation, MIT Sloan is committed to the advancement of women in leadership. The MIT Sloan Fellows program shares this commitment and offers Forté Foundation fellowships each year to outstanding female candidates who demonstrate leadership in their community, academic institution, and/or place of work. All female applicants to the MIT Sloan Fellows program are automatically considered for these partial-tuition awards.

  • Dean's Fellowships

    A limited number of Dean's fellowships are available to MIT Sloan Fellows and are awarded to admitted candidates of all citizenships and academic backgrounds. All admitted candidates are considered for these merit-based fellowships.

  • The Legatum Fellowship

    The Legatum Center for Development and Entrepreneurship is pleased to offer financial assistance to select entrepreneurial graduate students at MIT. Their application process is separate from the MIT Sloan Fellows admissions. The Legatum Fellowship is open to all MIT graduate students. You must demonstrate a commitment to starting a business in a low-income country after graduation. 

  • The Nippon Foundation’s International Fellowship

    The Nippon Foundation’s International Fellowship provides Japanese nationals working in the public or private sectors opportunities to further studies in overseas educational institutions.

  • Kennedy Memorial Trust Scholarship

    The Kennedy Memorial Trust provides scholarships to British post-graduates to pursue their studies at MIT and/or Harvard. The Kennedy Scholarship is an academic award used to fund a wide variety of academic programs. Scholars use the opportunity to deepen their expertise in their field. Those applying for awards must be all of the following:

    • British citizens at the time of application
    • Ordinarily resident in the UK
    • Wholly or mainly educated in the UK
  • Action, Impact & Motivation (AIM) Scholarship

    The Action, Impact, and Motivation (AIM) Scholarship is a post-graduate scholarship for Sloan Fellows MBA students to complete a social impact project in India upon graduation. The scholarship awards up to $20,000 to a team of 1-2 SFMBA students who want to test and implement ideas and solutions that are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations.

    The AIM scholarship was created and instituted by Shweta Aprameya, SFMBA19 and her brother, Saumitra Pandey, in honor of their parents, Anup Pande & Usha Pande, as part of the Anusha Welfare Trust. The 2020 application opens on January 1, 2020 and closes March 1, 2020. Visit for more information.