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Natalie Berfeld

Research Group: Accounting
Placement: Boston College
Previous Degrees: B.Math, University Of Waterloo; M.B.A., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Research Interests: financial reporting determinants and consequences; auditing; private firm disclosure
Advisors: Nemit Shroff, Andrew Sutherland, Rodrigo Verdi, Joe Weber
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Vanessa Conzon

Research Group: Organization Studies
Placement: Boston College
Previous Degree: B.A. Economics, McGill University
Research Interests:  Organizational Change; Professional Work; Employee Autonomy
Advisors: Erin Kelly and Susan Silbey (co-chairs), Kate Kellogg, Ezra Zuckerman Sivan
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Leonardo Elias

Research Group: Finance
Previous Degrees: B.S. Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; M.S. Economics, London School of Economics
Research Interests: International Finance, Macroeconomics
Advisors: Adrien Verdelhan, Jonathan Parker, and Emil Verner
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Simon Friis

Research Group: Economic Sociology
Previous Degree: B.S. Asian Studies, Copenhagen Business School
Research Interests: Strategy, categories, computational social science, digital platforms, social media
Advisors: Ezra Zuckerman Sivan (chair), Ray Reagans
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David Holtz

Research Group: Information Technology
Placement: Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley
Previous Degrees: B.A. Physics, Princeton University; M.A. Physics and Astronomy, Johns Hopkins University
Research Interests: Online Platforms; Online Markets; Field Experiments; Causal Inference; Data Science; Computational Social Science 
Advisor: Sinan Aral (chair), Dean Eckles, John Horton
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Summer Jackson

Research Group: Economic Sociology
Placement: Harvard Business School
Previous Degrees: B.A. International Relations, Stanford University; M.A. International Development, Brandeis University Heller School for Social Policy and Management
Research Interests: Organizational Inequality; Work and Occupations; Ethnography
Advisors: Kate Kellogg, Ray Reagans, Ezra Zuckerman Sivan
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Jenna Myers

Research Group: Organization Studies
Placement: University of Toronto, Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources
Previous Degree: B.S. Business Process Management, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Research Interests: Worker Voice; Technology and Organizations; Education and Training; Labor Market Institutions
Advisors: Kate Kellogg, Tom Kochan, Wanda Orlikowski
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Heather Yang

Research Group: Organization Studies
Placement: Bocconi University
Previous Degrees: B.A. Psychology, Carleton College; M.S. in Management Research, MIT
Research interests: Social cognition, Decision making, Emergent technology, Experiments
Advisors: John Carroll (chair), Jared Curhan, Jackson Lu, Renée Richardson Gosline
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Jeremy Z. Yang

Research Group: Marketing
Placement: Harvard Business School
Previous Degrees: B.A. Management and Economics, University of International Business and Economics; M.A. Statistics, New York University
Research Interests: Combining economic and behavioral insights with causal inference and machine learning to optimize managerial decisions such as advertising, pricing, and targeting.
Advisors: Juanjuan Zhang and Sinan Aral (co-chairs), Dean Eckles
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