Job Market Candidates

Immersed in MIT Sloan's distinctive culture, upcoming graduates are poised to innovate in management research and education.

Patrick Adams

Research Group: Finance
Previous Degrees: B.A. Economics and Mathematics/Statistics, University of Connecticut 

Mohammed Alsobay

Research Group: Information Technology
Previous Degrees: S.B. Chemical Engineering, MIT; M.Sc. Applied Math and Computational Science, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
Research Interests: Human-AI Interaction, Digital Experimentation
Mohammed's Website

Luca Gius

Research Group: Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Strategic Management
Previous Degrees:  B.Econ., University of Pisa; B.A. Economics, Sant'Anna University
Advisors: Scott Stern, Pierre Azoulay, Fiona Murray
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David Sunghyo Kim

Research Group: Accounting
Previous Degrees: B.A. Business Administration and Economics, Seoul National University; M.S. Business Administration, Seoul National University​
Research Interests: The Role of Information in Technology (Cybersecurity, AI) and Investing
Advisors: Eric So, Rodrigo Verdi, Nemit Shroff, Andrew Sutherland

Cameron Martel

Research Group: Marketing
Previous Degree: B.S. Cognitive Science, Yale University
Research Interests: Misinformation and Political Behavior Online
Advisor: David Rand
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Fiona Paine

Research Group: Finance
Previous Degrees:  S.B. Electrical Engineering, MIT; S.B. Mathematical Economics, MIT

Eppa Rixey

Research Group: Economic Sociology
Previous Degrees: B.S.E Mechanical Engineering, Vanderbilt University; MBA, University of California, Berkeley; S.M. Management Research, MIT
Research Interests: Regulation, Small Business (SMEs), Competitive Strategy, Leadership, and Nonmarket Strategy         
Advisor: Susan Silbey                                                                   
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