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Ankur Chavda

Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship, & Strategic Management
Placement: HEC Paris
Advisors: Scott Stern, Pierre Azoulay, Shane Greenstein
Research Interests: Innovation, Incentives, Strategy, Entrepreneurship
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Hyejun Kim

Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship, & Strategic Management
Placement: HEC Paris
Advisors: Ezra Zuckerman, Pierre Azoulay
Research Interests: Economic Sociology of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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J. Daniel Kim

Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship, & Strategic Management
Placement: Wharton
Advisors: Pierre Azoulay, Scott Stern, Fiona Murray
Research Interests: Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management, Human Capital, M&A

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Jinhwan Kim

Placement: Stanford University
Advisors: SP Kothari, Rodrigo Verdi, Eric So, Andrew Sutherland
Research Interests: Economic Consequences of Corporate Disclosures, Patent Disclosures

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Sergey Naumov

System Dynamics
Placement: Penn State
Advisors: John Sterman, Charles Fine, David Keith
Research Interests: Sustainable & Behavioral Operations Management, Government Policy, Firm Strategy, Autonomous and Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Christine Riordan

Institute for Work and Employment Research
Placement: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Advisors: Thomas Kochan, Paul Osterman
Research Interests: Employment Relations, Changing Nature of Work, Stratification, Conflict and Conflict Resolution

Daniel Rock

Information Technology
Advisor: Erik Brynjolfsson
Research Interests: Economics of Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Intangible Capital, Productivity

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Artem Timoshenko

Placement: Kellogg School of Management
Advisors: John R. Hauser, Duncan Simester

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Emily Truelove

Organization Studies
Harvard Business School
Advisors: Katherine Kellogg, Wanda Orlikowski, Mike Tushman
Research interest: Changing nature of work inside established firms in a digital context

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Samantha Zyontz

Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship, & Strategic Management
Advisors: Scott Stern, Pierre Azoulay
Research Interests: Innovation Economics, Strategic Management, Intellectual Property

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