Course 15 Advisors Corner

Course 15 Advisor Corner and Information Guide


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Academic Requirements:

  • GIRS: General Institute requirements
  • HASS: Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences
  • REST: Restricted Electives in Science and Technology
  • CI-M: Communication-Intensive for the Major

Deadlines & Important Dates

For all important Institute dates please refer to the MIT Academic Calendar.

01/24/22 – Registration Week Begins

01/28/22 - Registration Week Ends

01/31/22 – First Day of Classes 

02/04/22 – Registration Deadline

03/04/22 – Add Date: Last day to ADD subjects to registration

04/19/22 – Drop Date: Last day to DROP subjects from registration

05/02/22 – Pre-Registration for Fall Term

05/06/22 – Subjects with final exam: No test may be given and no assignments shall fall due after this date

05/10/22 – Last Day of Classes

05/13/22 – 05/18/22 – Final Exam Period

06/16/22 – Fall Pre-Registration Deadline

Supplemental Materials For Each Major

15-1 - Management
Major Requirements
Concentration Form 
15-2 - Business Analytics
Major Requirements
Restricted Electives
15-3 - Finance
Major Requirements

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