News: Course 15 and MIT Sloan Undergraduate Education

In Fall of 2016, we launched a new curriculum, going from one major (Management Science) to 3 majors (Management, Business Analytics, and Finance). As part of our curriculum redesign, we were searching for a phrase that would serve as the guiding principle for our office. We settled on ‘Major, Minor, Take a Class’. This meant that we wanted every undergrad at MIT to major in Course 15 – if it was right for them. And if not, then we wanted every undergrad to minor in Course 15 – if it was right for them. And if not, then we knew there was definitely at least one course at Sloan that was right for a student, and it was our job to help them find it. The phrase ‘Major, Minor, Take a Class’ has moved beyond academics to more fully embrace the importance and centrality of community.

Community is the starting point for all of our planning and all of our presentations and what we spend the most time in our office thinking about. This summer we decided to add a phrase to pair with ‘Major, Minor, Take a Class’ and that is “Find Your Home at Sloan”. We want our undergraduates to find their home here at Sloan and we want our alums to feel like we are always welcoming them back home to Sloan. And we especially want us, our undergrads, and our alums to feel at home together. This newsletter is an important piece of this. We will publish twice a year and include information on what is happening in Course 15, with our students, and with you, our alums. If you have ideas for future newsletters, please do let us know. Welcome Home! - Scott