MIT Sloan Fellows MBA Program

The Fellows Family Experience

A rich—and rare—opportunity for family bonding

MIT Sloan Fellows, July 1966 (Photo Credit: MIT Museum)

Many Fellows approach this year as a once-in-a-lifetime bonding experience with their partner and children. And it can be as transformative an experience for significant others and families as it is for the Fellows.

With so many events designed to bring the MIT Sloan community together, families form life-long friendships with others and with the community. Because so many of the Fellows' significant others are leaders in their fields, they enrich the program and add valuable links to your network.

5 family-friendly reasons to join the Fellows family:
  1. Significant others and families are an important part of the community and participate in social and cultural events throughout the year.
  2. Many significant others use this year to pursue educational opportunities in this intellectually stimulating metropolitan area.
  3. The robust significant others support system makes the transition to Cambridge more fun and less stressful than most global moves.
  4. For children of Fellows, this year is a formative, confidence-building experience. They attend school in an area where cultural diversity is embraced and celebrated.
  5. Cambridge and the surrounding area offer excellent schools and is a cultural hub with museums, concert halls, parks, historic sites, shopping, and restaurants of every culinary description.

A Family Experience

WATCH: Families are welcome here - and indeed, enhance the Fellows experience for everyone.