Burak Gozluklu

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Burak Gozluklu has nine years of experience in the aerospace industry, primarily as a lead engineer, in Turkish Aerospace Industries. He worked on the design of Boeing and Airbus aircraft, and recently worked at Tesla Motors in California.

Gozluklu holds three patents and has authored/coauthored more than 18 academic publications. He has received several awards, including the best paper, the thesis of the year, and was also the winner of Space-Race Competition organized by NASA and run by the Center for Advancing Innovation.

He founded the MIT-Systems Thinking Club and is currently working on project management simulator as a post-doctoral associate with Professor Nelson Repenning and Professor John Sterman in the System Dynamics Group at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

He earned a PhD in Aerospace Engineering from METU-Ankara and an MS from the MIT System Design & Management program.