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Kavan O'Connor has over a decade of experience in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship. As the Associate Director for MIT REAP, Kavan is responsible for regional team development and new initiatives. Before joining MIT REAP, Kavan spent the last 12 years in which he was an integral member of the Center for Development and Entrepreneurship, where he has spearheaded numerous outreach and engagement initiatives, managed events, developed promotional materials, and led recruitment and marketing efforts. He has extensive experience managing partnerships and building networks, which he leverages to connect people and create successful collaborations. Before his time at the Center for Development and Entrepreneurship, Kavan worked with the Boston Athletic Association, where he gained valuable experience deploying resources, volunteers, and materials for the Boston Marathon. Kavan is a creative thinker who enjoys collaborating with colleagues to approach projects innovatively. When he's not working, he loves running and is an award-winning homebrewer.