MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative

Finding Common Ground: How Do We Measure Impact?

See Jason Jay, Kate Raworth, and John Sterman discuss how we can measure what matters.

The need to properly measure the impact of unsustainable and unjust systems, on our people and our planet, is clear.

As we overshoot ecological boundaries and fail to provide social safety nets for civilians worldwide, there is pressure on companies and governments to make substantial positive change, but what does this mean?

At the 2021 MIT Sustainability Summit, Professor John Sterman (Jay W Forrester Professor Management, MIT Sloan), Kate Raworth (Co-Founder, Doughnut Economics Action Lab) and Jason Jay (Sr. Lecturer, Director, MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative) discussed how we can measure what matters, and how important that is to building a future where humans and nature can thrive.

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