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Letter from the Sustainability Initiative, 2019-2020

Let’s be honest. Many of us can’t wait for 2020 to be over. While that sentiment is understandable, who says we have to wait until 2021 to move on? In fact, here at the Sustainability Initiative, we never stopped moving forward. 

As you’ll see on the pages of our Annual Report, our students, alumni, faculty, and collaborators continued to make meaningful progress and real change, despite this year’s many challenges. 

We’re so proud of our community. In the face of disruption and crisis, we pulled together and proved to be agile and resilient. We adapted our programs and delivery methods to continue to provide the best education. Guided by rigorous science, we continued to deliver relevant research and practical tools that advanced real solutions. And all too vividly, we were reminded how tightly interconnected our systems are, and how an unjust planet will never be sustainable.

In 2020, your voice and your action made change happen. Through our En-ROADS Climate Solutions Simulation and our Aggregate Confusion Project, many of you gained new insights and evidence that influenced policy on ESG ratings and the climate crisis. By hosting an intern or student team at your organization, you helped educate the next generation of leaders. And without hesitation, many of you demonstrated your commitment to sustainability by making a financial investment in our work. We thank you.

As a team we remain resolute and hopeful about the future. And with your help, we look forward to new opportunities to learn and grow and make an even greater impact. So, let’s get to work to make our vision of a just and equitable future a reality in our lifetimes. We’re ready to help our nation, and the world, build back better. 

Read this year's Annual Report here

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