Letter from the Initiative

Dear MIT friends and colleagues:

As we take stock of all we accomplished last year, we are reminded once again that nothing we do is possible without you. We are inspired by your creativity, passion, and commitment. You share your expertise with our students and alumni, helping them build their skills and careers. You collaborate with us on projects, research, and initiatives. And every day, you motivate us to keep pushing ahead.

With your help this past year, we made significant progress in delivering the best education—a record 61 MIT Sloan graduate students earned a sustainability certificate!

Education is crucial, but the need for solid science that can drive informed advocacy and action is needed now more than ever. This is why we began ramping up our faculty research initiatives last year. With the addition of Roberto Rigobon as faculty co-director with John Sterman in 2018, the Sustainability Initiative at MIT Sloan is on track to become a major force in global arena, tackling the most pressing environmental and socio-economic issues.

Our goals for the future are ambitious. If we are going to increase our capability to produce pioneering research that has the power to spur global action, we will need your help. We hope we can count on your continued collaboration and partnership.

We know you share our passion for sustainability, so we’re thrilled to share with you highlights of what we accomplished together last year. With your inspiration and support, we look forward to an exciting new year.