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13 Quotes by MIT Sloan Alumnae from 2022


When bringing the 2022 MIT Sloan Women’s Conference to a close, Associate Dean Kathryn Hawkes remarked, “The network is a living thing today. That energy—we can feel it.”

The energy at the long-awaited October gathering was palpable, but so too was the energy of the entire year. From MIT Sloan Reunion 2022 to MIT delta v Demo Day, Institute events big and small were rife with the power and the presence of the MIT Sloan alumnae community.

They spoke with expertise on many subjects—including the need for using artificial intelligence (AI) responsibly in business and society, the desire to think and act systemically, and the importance of mentoring future generations of women leaders.

Here are 13 notable quotes from MIT Sloan alumnae who spoke to us in 2022:

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