Profiles From The Dirt Road

Profiles from the Dirt Road

Management education at MIT attracts a unique kind of smart – the kind that solves for today’s most complex problems. When our students and alumni take non-traditional paths with their degrees, they make great things happen in, and for, the world. Read on to see how these ambiguous and lesser traveled roads create opportunities for impact, understanding, and growth.

Monica Foley

Monica Lee Foley - EMBA '19

  • Chief of Staff, NASA/Johnson Space Center

Sean Grundy

Sean Grundy - MBA ‘13

  • CEO, Bevi

Jane Levy

Jane Levy - MBA '97

  • Chief Growth Officer at Jarvis Analytics

Andre Bernardes

André Bernardes - MBA ’19

  • Bringing Banking to Underserved Consumers

Katja Schoenherr

Katja Schoenherr - SFMBA '16

  • Commercial Strategy Senior Manager – Strategy Execution, U.S. Operations, Schneider Electric

David Chan

David Chan - MBA ‘98

  • From MIT Sloan to “Sesame Street”

Dwane Morgan

Dwane Morgan - MBA ‘08

  • Director, Global Consumer Insights, Under Armour

Kenneth Pucker

Kenneth Pucker - MBA ’90

  • Advisory Director at Berkshire Partners