MIT Applied Cooperation Initiative

Work with Keheala

Keheala is a digital health startup focused on promoting Tuberculosis medication adherence and treatment completion.

The Applied Cooperation Initiative helped Keheala develop their digital health platform around several key behavioral science principles, and then test the impacts of the platform on TB patients' health in two large RCTs in Kenya.

"Digital Health Support in Treatment for Tuberculosis."

Yoeli, Erez, Jon Rathauser, Syon P. Bhanot, Maureen K. Kimenye, Enos Masini, Philip Owiti, and David G. Rand. New England Journal of Medicine Vol. 381, No. 10 (2019): 986-987.

Faculty: David G. Rand
"Can Digital Adherence Technologies Reduce Inequity in Tuberculosis Treatment Success? Evidence from a Randomised Controlled Trial."

Boutilier, Justin J., Erez Yoeli, Jon Rathauser, Philip Owiti, Ramnath Subbaraman, and Jónas Oddur Jónasson. BMJ Global Health No. 7 (2022): :e010512.

"Improving Tuberculosis Treatment Adherence Support: The Case for Targeted Behavioral Interventions."

Boutilier, Justin J., Jónas Oddur Jónasson, and Erez Yoeli. Manufacturing and Service Operations Management Vol. 24, No. 6 (2022): 2925-2943. Access to Paper through MIT DSpace. Supplemental Material.

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