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Interested in practical applications of our work? Read on to learn more about our recent collaborations.


How can we motivate users to provide more and better content to a digital platform? We are working with Google to develop and test a simple Chrome extension that crowdsources evaluations of news articles, with the aim of helping the public better evaluate the veracity of new articles, and stemming the spread of fake news.


We helped this digital health startup promote Tuberculosis medication adherence and treatment completion.
Read more about the impacts on TB in Kenya.


We teamed up to develop and test ways of promoting participation in a program that helps to prevent blackouts.
Read more about how our intervention tripled program participation.

The Life You Can Save

Founded by the philosopher Peter Singer to raise the profile of the world's most impactful charities, we've joined forces with them to develop and test messages about effective altruism, in an effort to discover which messages tend to be compelling, for whom, and why. 


Other Organizations We've Collaborated With