MIT Leadership Center

MBA Students

From day one, leadership is integrated into your entire MBA experience at MIT Sloan. From orientation to core courses to guest speakers, to clubs and activities, you’ll be immersed in MIT’s brand of leadership, whether you register for one of our programs or not. If you register for any of our three leadership courses (ID Lab, Teams Lab, or Organizations Lab) or x360 program, you’ll work directly with one of our executive coaches.

MIT Leadership Center Designed Courses for MBA Students

15.336 ID Lab: Individual Development & Interpersonal Dynamics

The central thesis of ID Lab is that being an effective leader requires a deep understanding of what it means to be human in a complex world. The semester-long course requires both a commitment to personal transformation and a willingness to engage with others on a similar journey. 

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15.337: Teams Lab: Leading Effective Teams 

Teams Lab is designed to help you develop the skills and frameworks necessary to diagnose the key barriers and strengths that determine team performance and to intervene in ways that improve effectiveness.

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15.335: Organizations Lab

In Organizations Lab you will learn to connect specific interventions made by individual leaders with organizational and community transformation. It is a class about linking the individual actions you take to the collective outcomes you desire, whatever they might be. 

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MIT Leadership Center Designed Programs for MBA Students

  • Orientation

    During MBA orientation, we lead activities and programs that will introduce you to team and group dynamics. Common orientation activities you might take part in include the MIT Sloan 4-Capabilites Leadership Framework and an outdoor experiential team activity held off campus at the Warren Center.  

  • MBA Core Fellows

    Working in collaboration with the MIT Leadership Center and the Career Development and MBA Program Offices, the MBA Core Fellows are leaders dedicated to building community at MIT Sloan. They serve as resources for first-year students joining our diverse and dynamic academic, intellectual, and social culture. Core Fellows also serve as accountability partners through the core experience, linking career education and the internship search and help to create an environment where both risks and collaborative ideas are valued methods by which to learn and improve. If you’re interested in becoming a Core Fellow, visit the Core Fellows website for more information. 

  • Sloan Intensive Period

    The Sloan Intensive Period (SIP) is a time of intense hands-on learning at the midpoint of each semester that will inject interactive and real-world leadership experience into your MIT education. With SIP, you’ll have the chance to expand how you think and who you know, as you interact with new peers and external practitioners on a wide range of real-world subjects, issues and challenges. SIP comes in many forms. You can sign up for online or in-person sessions, Action Learning labs, seminars, track hackathons or trips, or study trips. SIP can last anywhere from three days to two weeks, depending on the type of experience you choose. Check out the MySloan SIP website for more information. 

  • Leadership Foundations

    In Leadership Foundations, you’ll complete the x360 Leadership Development survey, a tool based on cutting edge research by MIT Sloan faculty members and other leadership experts from around the world. The survey will also gathers observer feedback and a personal assessment of your leadership capabilities compiled into a comprehensive, individualized report. In a one-on-one coaching session, you’ll review the report and begin to set your own leadership development goals with the help of your coach. This session will help you identify critical leadership development you can hone at MIT Sloan, and beyond.  Leadership Foundations is an opt-in program for both first-year and second-year MBA students.  

—MBA Leadership Elective Courses

Course Title
15.269 Leadership Stories: Literature, Ethics, and Authority Fall 9 Cr.
15.270 Ethical Practice: Leading Through Professionalism, Social Responsibility, and System Spring 6 Cr.
15.281 Advanced Leadership Communication Spring 9 Cr.
15.288 Managing Crucial Conversations About & Across Difference Fall 6 Cr.
15.309 Leadership Lessons Learned from the Military Winter 6 Cr.
15.318 Discovering Your Leadership Signature Fall 9 Cr.
15.321 Improvisational Leadership: In the Moment Leadership Skills Spring 6 Cr.
15.321 Improvisational Leadership: In the Moment Leadership Skills Fall 6 Cr.
15.335 Organizations Lab Spring 9 Cr.
15.336 ID Lab: Individual Development and Interpersonal Dynamics Spring 9 Cr.
15.337 Teams Lab: Leading Effective Teams Fall 9 Cr.
15.339 Developing Leadership Capabilities Winter 6 Cr.
15.394 Entrepreneurial Founding and Teams Spring 9 Cr.
15.661 Building Successful Careers and Organizations Fall 6 Cr.
15.671 U-Lab: Transforming Self, Business and Society Fall 6 Cr.
15.674 Leading Creative Teams Spring 9 Cr.
15.674 Leading Creative Teams Fall 9 Cr.
15.941 Leadership in Real Estate Fall 6 Cr.
15.S03 SSIM: Leading the Way: Individual and Organizational Perspectives on Advancing Spring 9 Cr.
15.S14 SSIM: Leadership in Practice: Making and Learning Spring 6 Cr.