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Through intellectual discovery and hands-on learning, this full-time, two-year MBA program develops leaders who make a difference in the world.

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The world is (y)our incubator.

MIT Sloan is about invention. It's about ideas made to matter. Here, we discover tomorrow’s interesting and important challenges. We go where we want to have an impact. And then, we invent the future.

At MIT Sloan, leaders come together to solve the most complex problems and bring solutions out into the world to improve today and advance tomorrow.

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What will you do with an MBA from MIT?

Imagine the possibilities. What ambitions drive you? Creating a new company from scratch? Revitalizing a struggling organization? Solving a pressing social problem? In short, what’s your plan to change the world? Here, we're ready to see you do just that—and more. 

MBA students use their degree to change their career trajectory.

Access Career Resources at the Career Development Office

Are you looking to advance your career? Maybe change directions? Whatever your career goals, your time here will be a life-changing experience. We're here to support this welcome transformation.

Learn how MIT Sloan supports your career goals.

2019-2020 MBA Career Statistics🔗

  • 95.7%

    Graduated with full-time offers*

  • 44.3%

    Growth potential cited as top reason for accepting position

  • $140K

    Median Base Salary

*95.7 percent of job-seeking graduates received full-time offers within three months of graduation.

Invent the future. Start with yours.

You'll begin to imagine—and plan for—your future on your very first day here. Through Career Core, MBA students analyze personal strengths, interests, and values in order to effectively market themselves, and learn about the current job market and opportunities specifically for MBAs.

One-on-one career coaching. Faculty members who are also practitioners in their industry. Club events. Company presentations.  These are just some of the ways MIT Sloan works with you at every stage of your journey, no matter where you want to go.

Explore Career Development Support at MIT Sloan

Diversity + Representation🔗

Your unique experiences, beliefs, and perspectives are critical to the MIT Sloan community and enhance learning for all.

Alumni network and the MIT brand

You're selecting a two-year program, but the relationships you build here will last a lifetime. When you graduate, you’ll join an exceptional network of more than 136,000 MIT alumni, representing 90 countries around the world.

More than 4,000 MIT and MIT Sloan alumni volunteers are ready to share their insights and experience. MBAs are carefully matched with mentors who enthusiastically share their experience and give trusted advice through the Alumni Mentorship Program.

The MIT name is recognized around the world. Your MIT degree will open doors and create unimagined opportunities. That's because MIT is exceptional, and a degree from here says that you are, too.  

Alumni by the Numbers🔗

  • 136K

    MIT alumni around the world

  • 24K

    MIT Sloan alumni internationally

  • 90

    Countries represented by alumni

MBA Program


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The leader in experiential learning

MIT’s motto, mens et manus, translates from Latin to mind and hand. With intention, MIT’s founders were promoting, above all, that education was for practical application. At MIT Sloan, we seek to apply knowledge and skill in a way that benefits the world. 

Simply put, it's not enough to sit in an ivory tower and think about stuff all day—you have to go out in the world and make use of it.

Experiential learning is a centerpiece of the MBA experience. We integrate hands-on learning opportunities throughout the curriculum. Through Action Learning labs, MIT Sloan Intensive Period, and the MIT Independent Activities Period,  you practice these management skills over and over again.

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Think. Act. Reflect. (Repeat.)🔗

Our students are relentlessly experimental, challenging convention and tempting failure. You'll collaborate across MIT and seek out new, diverse perspectives—because that's just how we do things here.

WATCH: Action Learning: Tackling challenges beyond the classroom.


Start your own management adventure.

MBA Program

Leadership in Action

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We welcome wicked problems.

Daunting problems demand ingenuity. We are attracted to and eager to expend incredible amounts of energy on challenges that would intimidate others. These wicked problems—social or cultural problems that are difficult or impossible to solve: climate change, poverty, health care—these are the problems worth solving. And these are the problems that appeal to us the most.

First, define the problem.
From day one, MBA students are challenged to start every interaction with, "What problem are we trying to solve?" Bold leadership comes together when such brilliant minds take intelligent risks, unafraid of complexity and chaos, always searching for new and better ways.

Because we're not distracted by titles and accolades, we are free to bring together the right team to tackle the right problem—and with this as our orientation, new perspectives, answers, and opportunities emerge. This is at the heart of problem-led leadership. 

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Principled + Purposeful 🔗

We lead in a way that is defined by the problem, applying data-driven analysis and hands-on learning to achieve dramatic results.

WATCH: A bridge made of cardboard?

During the MIT Sloan Intensive Period, MBA students work to solve a seemingly impossible problem.

Featured Article

The 11 calling cards of a problem-led leader

Why It Matters🔗

Problem-led leaders seem to have a natural aversion to being branded leaders. But when an intriguing problem requires it, they step up to the plate.

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MBA Program

Exceptional Faculty

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Our faculty educate, provoke, and mentor you with a common purpose of challenging the status quo and developing the next generation of management leaders.

Meet our faculty

Accessible and engaging practitioners 

Adaptive behaviors. Little's Law. John Sterman's work in System Dynamics. Nobel Prize winners. This caliber of teacher comes to MIT to challenge you and champion your next big idea. Because your success is their success.

You’ll notice an informality at MIT born of mutual respect. Everyone here is accomplished, and everyone assumes you are, too. Our professors know that because you’re at MIT, you have a hand in something both interesting and meaningful. They respect and embrace your perspective. And these researchers and industry experts, like most people here, are refreshingly down to earth. 

Featured Faculty

Andrew W. Lo

Andrew W. Lo

Economics, Finance and Accounting

Charles E. and Susan T. Harris Professor

Learn More
Zeynep Ton

Zeynep Ton

Management Science

Professor of the Practice, Operations Management

Learn More
Roberto Rigobon

Roberto Rigobon

Economics, Finance and Accounting

Society of Sloan Fellows Professor of Management

Learn More
Simon Johnson

Simon Johnson

Behavioral and Policy Sciences

Ronald A. Kurtz (1954) Professor of Entrepreneurship

Learn More
Vivek F. Farias

Vivek F. Farias

Management Science

Patrick J. McGovern (1959) Professor

Learn More
Renee Richardson Gosline

Renee Richardson Gosline

Management Science

Senior Lecturer and Research Scientist, Marketing

Learn More

MIT Centers and Initiatives🔗

These hubs for research and discovery bring faculty, students, and organizations together to collaborate and experiment.

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MBA Program

The MIT Experience

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Share a common purpose with uncommon people.

"If this past month was any indication of what the next two years are going to be like, then I'm nothing but excited about spending them here with these amazing people!" Chandrika Maheshwari, MBA 2019

There's no other way to say it: the next two years will fundamentally change you, your career trajectory, and your outlook on the world. MIT Sloan students are curious, authentic, and driven—and will expect the same of you.

Brazenly inquisitive, this community will challenge you to push past your comfort zone and see things from refreshingly new vantages. Every interaction, in and beyond the classroom, will exercise your leadership and analytical muscles in exhausting, but energizing ways. 

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Student Life🔗

Our students are leaders and doers, and use the MIT campus—indeed, the world—as their playground for discovery and experimentation. Whatever your interests, there's a place for you here.

Learn More about the Student Life Office at MIT Sloan
Inclusive and collaborative

At MIT Sloan, we not only welcome diverse perspectives but see them as critical in our collaborative and creative environment. When people from different backgrounds come together to develop and test an idea, invention happens.

Read our commitment to diversity

WATCH: Faculty and Students talk about Sloan's culture, mission and what makes MIT Sloan a different kind of management school.

MBA Program


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See Yourself Here

The MIT Sloan community brings together individuals from around the world, with a vast array of personal experiences and professional backgrounds. MIT Sloan students are informed and responsible global citizens with the vision, drive, and practical experience to make significant contributions to their organizations and to the world. In carefully building this special community, we are looking for individuals who demonstrate:

  • Leadership and an ability to inspire others 
  • A collaborative spirit and focus on community
  • Intellectual curiosity and analytical strength 
  • Creativity to generate new solutions to existing challenges 
  • Growth in both professional and personal endeavors 

We seek applicants with exceptional intellectual abilities and the drive and determination to put their stamp on the world. We welcome people who are independent, authentic, and fearlessly creative — true doers. We want people who can redefine solutions to conventional problems, and strive to preempt unconventional dilemmas with inventive ideas. We demand integrity and respect passion.

Application Deadlines for August 2021 Entry

The Admissions Committee reviews all applications and will notify applicants of their decision on or before the deadlines listed below. Please note that in the interest of confidentiality, we will only deliver official decisions via your online application. The application for 2021 entry is now open. 


Applications must be submitted by 3:00 p.m. EST

The Admissions Committee notifies applicants of their decision by*:

MBA Round 1

October 1, 2020

December 16, 2020

MBA Round 2

 January 19, 2021 

 April 2, 2021

MBA Round 3

April 12, 2021

May 20, 2021

*Decisions will be released early for some candidates who will be denied admission without an interview.  Re-applicants may submit an application in any round. LGO applicants must apply in the LGO Round.


Everything you need to know to apply to the program and finance your education.

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MBA Program

Admissions Events

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Join us virtually to get to know MIT Sloan. We're offering several online events - student and alumni panels, info sessions, small group chats with our admissions team, and more - so that we may introduce you to the MIT community. Although we can't get together in person, we're sure that what makes this place so special will shine through, even on your computer screen.

MBA Admission Events

Admissions Event

MBA Virtual Coffee Chats

In this interactive small group setting, you will meet an admissions representative for a Q&A about the MBA program, MIT, and the application process. Space is limited, so register now for a session!

1 Month, 28 Days
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Admissions Event

ROMBA 2020

The Reaching Out MBA (ROMBA) conference is the world's largest gathering of LGBT+ business students and professionals. Join prospective, current and post business school MBAs -and their active allies.

3:00PM - 5:30PM ET
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View all MBA Online Admissions Events Here 


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