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We know actions speak louder than words. That knowledge is embedded in MIT's motto, mens et manus, or mind and hand. We're not just about ideas. We're about doing the work to turn ideas into impact. 

That's why these pages contain not only heartfelt statements of support for our friends and colleagues of color, but also examples of the research our faculty members are doing right now, investigating ways to recognize and eliminate bias and amplify workers' voices. You'll also find courses for MIT Sloan students to explore topics of diversity and inclusion across management disciplines, resources to support all members of our community, and a list of ways to take action right now to drive positive change. 

Reminder: Not Business As Usual

August 31, 2020

To the MIT Sloan community,

After a busy summer, the MIT Sloan campus is bustling with activity as we prepare to welcome students safely back to class. Campus reopening is foremost in many of our minds, yet recent events in Kenosha, Wisconsin remind us of the racial injustice faced by so many in this country. When police shot Jacob Blake seven times in the back, we were stunned and saddened. We asked again: “When will enough be enough?”

We write to reassure you that the MIT Sloan community is not only mourning. And we are not only waiting for the day when enough is finally enough. We are continuing to take action to strengthen diversity and inclusion at MIT Sloan in the following tangible ways:

  • We are educating ourselves and each other about systemic racism and white privilege.
  • We have reached out to students, faculty, staff, and alumni to gather feedback on how to support diversity, equity, and inclusion across our community, including through the feedback from last winter’s staff focus groups with IBIS, a diversity consulting firm.
  • We are working with our faculty to increase diverse representation in our coursework.
  • We are exploring mechanisms to expand the pipeline of diverse candidates for our academic programs and for our faculty.
  • We are engaged in the process of hiring a Director, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to support and accelerate our work in this area.
  • We are partnering with MIT on a strategic DEI plan that will impact the entire Institute.

We are proud of this work – and we acknowledge there is much more to be done.

People across the United States and around the globe are raising their voices in protest. The courage this requires, the relentless effort it takes, the resilient spirit it tests—these are an inspiration. At MIT Sloan, we stand in solidarity in the fight against injustice.

As we all prepare to begin the new semester, we invite you to join us in this work. Know that each one of you is welcome here, and a valued member of our community. We look forward to working with you today and every day to end systemic racism and make MIT Sloan—and the world—a better place.

In solidarity,

Dave, Ray, and Fiona

David C. Schmittlein

David C. Schmittlein

John C Head III Dean

Professor, Marketing

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Ray Reagans

Ray Reagans

Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Management

  • Academic Group:

    Behavioral and Policy Sciences

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Fiona E. Murray

Fiona E. Murray

Associate Dean for Innovation and Inclusion

William Porter Professor of Entrepreneurship

  • Academic Group:

    Behavioral and Policy Sciences

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Black Lives Matter

MIT Sloan finds its strength in its diversity. We stand with our community of color and invite all members of our community to use their voices as we work together to dismantle systemic racism

Read A statement from the Black Business Students Association

Smart Enough to Know We're Smarter Together

Statement of support from Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Ray Reagans and Associate Dean for Innovation and Inclusion Fiona Murray:

We applaud the members of the Black Business Students Association at MIT Sloan in their efforts to bring us together as a community. We are a community struggling to find its voice during these difficult times. Unsure of what is appropriate to say. How can we comfortably talk about race and inequality? We cannot. But these are the difficult conversations a viable community must be able to have.  

We view our new platform as an opportunity to give voice to members of our community who want to be heard and who wish to share in a conversation. We do not presume to be the voice for any one community at MIT Sloan. We have a megaphone. We want you to use it. You should know we stand by you. We listen to your advice. We act on your behalf.  

One MIT Sloan

Groups from around the MIT Sloan community support our Black students and pledge to fight alongside them to end institutional racism. 

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