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Abdullah Almaatouq is a computational social scientist and the Douglas Drane Career Professor in Information Technology at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Abdullah’s research focuses on improving cooperation, coordination, and collective intelligence in decision-making systems, such as teams, committees, crowds, markets, and elections. Abdullah also explores ways to advance social and behavioral research methodology through innovative research designs and theory-building strategies, with the ultimate goal of developing a deeper understanding of collective decision systems and how to design them effectively in various contexts. He is affiliated with the MIT Center for Computational Engineering, the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence, and the MIT Connection Science Research Initiative.

Abdullah holds a PhD in computational science and engineering, as well as dual master's degrees in media arts and sciences (MIT Media Lab) and computational science and engineering from MIT. Prior to joining MIT, he earned his undergraduate degree from Southampton University in the United Kingdom.


"Beyond Playing 20 Questions with Nature: Integrative Experiment Design in the Social and Behavioral Sciences."

Almaatouq, Abdullah, Thomas L. Griffiths, Jordan W. Suchow, Mark E. Whiting, James Evans, and Duncan J. Watts. Behavioral and Brain Sciences: 1–55. Forthcoming.

"A Test for Evaluating Performance in Human-Computer Systems."

Campero, Andres, Michelle Vaccaro, Jaeyoon Song, Haoran Wen, Abdullah Almaatouq, and Thomas W. Malone, MIT Sloan Working Paper 6798-22. Cambridge, MA: MIT Sloan School of Management, 2022.

"The Distribution of Initial Estimates Moderates the Effect of Social Influence on the Wisdom of the Crowd."

Almaatouq, Abdullah, M. Amin Rahimian, Jason W. Burton, and Abdulla Alhajri. Scientific Reports Vol. 12, (2022): 16546.

"Empirica: A Virtual Lab for High-Throughput Macro-Level Experiments."

Almaatouq, Abdullah, Joshua Becker, James P. Houghton, Nicolas Paton, Duncan J. Watts, and Mark E. Whiting. Behavior Research Methods Vol. 53, No. 5 (2021): 2158-2171. Download Paper.

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