Alessandro Bonatti


Alessandro Bonatti


Alessandro Bonatti is the John Norris Maguire (1960) Professor and an Associate Professor of Applied Economics at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

His research focuses on (a) the provision of incentives in research-intensive and creative industries, and (b) on the impact of technological advances on firms’ online advertising and pricing strategies.

Bonatti holds an MA, an MPhil, and a PhD in economics from Yale University. 


"Markets for Information: An Introduction."

Bergemann, Dirk and Alessandro Bonatti. Annual Review of Economics. Forthcoming.

"The Career Effects of Scandal: Evidence from Scientific Retractions."

Azoulay, Pierre, Alessandro Bonatti, and Joshua Krieger. Research Policy Vol. 46, No. 9 (2017): 1552-1569.

"Learning to Disagree in a Game of Experimentation."

Bonatti, Alessandro, and Johannes Hörner. Journal of Economic Theory Vol. 169, (2017): 234-269.

"Dynamic Oligopoly with Incomplete Information."

Bonatti, Alessandro, Gonzalo Cisternas, and Juuso Toikka. Review of Economic Studies Vol. 84, No. 2 (2017): 503-546.

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