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Alexey Makarin is an Assistant Professor of Applied Economics at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Alexey is an applied economist with research interests in political economy, development economics, and economics of digitization. In his work, he examined the economic consequences of the 2014 Russia-Ukraine conflict and the impact of social media on political and individual outcomes.

Before joining MIT Sloan, Alexey was an Assistant Professor at the Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance (EIEF) in Rome, Italy. He is a Research Affiliate at CEPR and has published in Econometrica, American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, the Journal of Development Economics, and the Journal of Public Economics.

He received a PhD in economics from Northwestern University in June 2019 and a BA from the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, Russia.


"Divided We Stay Home: Social Distancing and Ethnic Diversity."

Egorov, Georgy, Ruben Enikolopov, Alexey Makarin, and Maria Petrova. Journal of Public Economics Vol. 194, (2021): 104328. NBER Preprint.

"National or Sub-National Parties: Does Party Geographic Scope Matter?"

Makarin, Alexey, Ricardo Piqué, and Fernando Aragon. Journal of Development Economics Vol. 146, (2020): 102516. SSRN Preprint.

"Social Media and Protest Participation: Evidence from Russia."

Enikolopov, Ruben, Alexey Makarin, and Maria Petrova. Econometrica Vol. 88, No. 4 (2020): 1479-1514. Download Paper. Online Appendix. Replication Files.

"Can Online Off-The-Shelf Lessons Improve Student Outcomes? Evidence from A Field Experiment."

Jackson, Kirabo, and Alexey Makarin. American Economic Journal: Economic Policy Vol. 10, No. 3 (2018): 226-254. SSRN Preprint. Author Disclosure Statement. Online Appendix. Data Set.

"Reducing Bureaucratic Corruption: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on What Works."

Gans-Morse, Jordan, Mariana Borges, Alexey Makarin, Theresa Mannah-Blankson, Andrew Nickow, and Dong Zhang. World Development Vol. 105, (2018): 171-188. SSRN Preprint.

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