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The top 10 MIT Sloan news stories of 2022


  1. A new book frames qualities like humility, adaptability, and vulnerability as smart — not soft — skills to help leaders manage the most complex of variables: people.
  2. Impacts from the Russia-Ukraine war are forcing companies to recalibrate and, in some cases, reconsider their long-standing supply chain and partner ecosystems.
  3. In a climate teeming with evolving technologies and external risks, distributed leadership can make firms more agile and faster to innovate.
  4. A focus on high-quality data that is consistently labeled can unlock the value of artificial intelligence for the biggest industries. MIT alumnus Andrew Ng calls it “data-centric AI.”
  5. Whether caused by a culture clash, cultural inertia, or total toxic collapse, broken culture syndrome can sink an organization. But there’s a cure, if leaders take action.
  6. Senior lecturer Donald Sull identifies three common myths about work culture, and five indicators of a toxic culture.
  7. A study from associate professor Danielle Li finds a focus on subjective “potential” ratings left female employees less likely to be promoted than male counterparts at a large firm, despite outperforming them.
  8. A new e-book highlights digital marketing trends for 2022. The topline message: Add data, analytics, and algorithms to better reach socially-linked modern consumers.
  9. Research from assistant professor Alexey Makarin finds a significant link between the presence of Facebook and increases in anxiety and depression among college students.
  10. In a new book about how technology will affect workers, MIT experts explain why artificial intelligence is far from replacing humans — but still changing most occupations.
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