Birger Wernerfelt


Birger Wernerfelt


Birger Wernerfelt is the J.C. Penney Professor of Management and a Professor of Marketing at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Wernerfelt has held teaching positions and has done research in marketing at MIT Sloan, in economics at the University of Copenhagen, and in strategy at Northwestern University and at the University of Michigan. His current research compares alternative ways of trading services.

Wernerfelt holds a BA in philosophy and an MA in economics from the University of Copenhagen and a DBA in managerial economics from Harvard University.


"A Possible Micro-Foundation for the RBV and Its Implications."

Wernerfelt, Birger. Strategic Management Review. Forthcoming.

"How Do Successful Scholars Get Their Best Research Ideas?"

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Wernerfelt, Birger. In Organizational Leadership: New Studies in Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Knowledge, and Methodology, 1-2. Copenhagen, Denmark: Djoef Publishing, 2016.

"The Comparative Advantages of Firms, Markets, and Contracts: A Unified Theory."

Wernerfelt, Birger. Economica Vol. 82, No. 326 (2015): 350-367. Download Paper.

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