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James Orlin is the E. Pennell Brooks (1917) Professor in Management and a Professor of Operations Research at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Orlin specializes in network and combinatorial optimization. He has helped to develop improved solution methodologies in airline scheduling, railroad scheduling, logistics, network design, telecommunications, inventory control, and marketing. Together with MIT Sloan colleague Thomas L. Magnanti and Ravindra K. Ahuja, he has written the award-winning textbook, Network Flows: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications (Prentice Hall, 1993).

Orlin holds a BA in mathematics from the University of Pennsylvania, an MA in mathematics from the California Institute of Technology, an MMath from the University of Waterloo, and a PhD in operations research from Stanford University.


Orlin receives Khachiyan Prize

Jim Orlin wins Test of Time Award

James Orlin is a co-winner of the Leonard G. Abraham Prize


"A Fast Max Flow Algorithm."

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"Distributionally Robust Max Flows."

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"Robust Monotone Submodular Function Maximization."

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