John J. Horton


John J. Horton


John Horton is the Richard S. Leghorn (1939) Career Development Professor and an Associate Professor of Information Technologies at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Horton's research focuses on the intersection of labor economics, market design, and information systems. He is particularly interested in improving the efficiency and equity of matching markets.

After completing his PhD and prior to joining NYU Stern School of Business in 2013, he served for two years as the staff economist for oDesk, an online labor market.

Horton received a BS in mathematics from the United States Military Academy at West Point and a PhD in public policy from Harvard University.


"​Owning, Using and Renting: Some Simple Economics of the 'Sharing Economy'."

Filippas, Apostolos, John J. Horton, and Richard Zeckhauser. Management Science. Forthcoming. Replication.

"Steering Buyers to Selected Sellers: The Role of Platform Incentives and Credibility."

Barach, Moshe, Joseph Golden, and John Joseph Horton. Management Science. Forthcoming. Download Paper.

"COVID-19 and Remote Work: An Early Look at US."

Brynjolfsson, Erik, John Horton, Adam Ozimek, Daniel Rock, Garima Sharma, and Hong Yi Tu Ye, MIT Sloan Working Paper 6088-20. Cambridge, MA: MIT Sloan School of Management, April 2020.

"Chapter 3: Digital Labor Markets and Global Talent Flows."

Horton, John J., William R. Kerr, Christopher Stanton. In High-Skilled Migration to the United States and its Economic Consequences, 71-108. Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press, 2018. NBER working paper version.

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