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Lotte Bailyn is the T Wilson (1953) Professor of Management, Emerita at the MIT Sloan School of Management. For the period 1997-99 she was Chair of the MIT faculty, and during 1995-97 she was the Matina S. Horner Distinguished Visiting Professor at Radcliffe's Public Policy Institute. 

She studies the relationship between managerial practice and employees’ lives. Her research investigates how institutional and organizational processes intersect with people’s lives, with special emphasis on the dynamics of gender and diversity in business organizations and academia. Bailyn argues that industries will fail in an intensely competitive world unless they take into account the changing nature of the professional workforce— including the influx of women and the consequent lifestyle changes for both women and men. Her work in organizations shows that work and personal life are complementary, even synergistic, rather than adversarial. By challenging the assumptions in which current work practices are embedded, the goals of both business productivity and employees’ family and community concerns can be met in ways that are equitable for both men and women.

Bailyn holds a BA in mathematics from Swarthmore College as well as an MA and a PhD in social psychology from Harvard/Radcliffe and two honorary degrees.  She is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association and the Association for Psychological Science.


Lotte Bailyn named the 2009 recipient of Gordon Y Billard Award

Bailyn receives honorary doctorate

Bailyn receives 2021 Centennial Medal


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