Maryam Farboodi


Maryam Farboodi


Maryam Farboodi is the Jon D. Gruber Career Development Professor and an Assistant Professor of Finance at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Her research focuses on the economics of big data. She studies how big data technologies have changed trading strategies and financial outcomes, as well the consequences of the emergence of big data for technological growth in the real economy. She also works on developing methodologies to estimate the value of data. 

Furthermore, she studies intermediation and network formation among financial institutions, and the spillovers to the real economy. She is also interested in how information frictions shape the local and global economic cycles. Most recently, her research also focuses on understanding the covid-19 pandemic and associated policies.

Previously, Farboodi was an Assistant Professor at the Bendheim Center for Finance at Princeton University. She holds a BSc in computer engineering from Sharif University of Technology, an MSc in computer science from the University of Maryland, College Park, and a joint PhD in financial economics from the Booth School of Business and the Department of Economics at the University of Chicago.


Farboodi wins 2019 Young Researcher Award


"Internal and External Effects of Social Distancing in a Pandemic."

Farboodi, Maryam, Gregor Jarosch, and Robert Shimer. Journal of Economic Theory Vol. 196,. Forthcoming.

"Where has all the Big Data Gone?"

Farboodi, Maryam, Adrien Matray, Laura Veldkamp, and Venky Venkateswaran. The Review of Financial Studies. Forthcoming.

"Tell Me Your Type: Information Asymmetry and Credit Allocation Through Consorcios."

Farboodi, Maryam, Bernardus Van Doornik, Janis Skrastins, and David Shoenherr, MIT Sloan Working Paper 6453-21. Cambridge, MA: MIT Sloan School of Management, 2021.

"The Emergence of Market Structure."

Farboodi, Maryam, Gregor Jarosch, and Robert Shimer, MIT Sloan Working Paper 6454-21. Cambridge, MA: MIT Sloan School of Management, 2021.

"Long Run Growth of Financial Data Technology."

Farboodi, Maryam and Laura Veldkamp. American Economic Review Vol. 110, No. 8 (2020): 2485-2523.

"Rational Cycles and Endogenous Lending Standards."

Farboodi, Maryam and Péter Kondor, MIT Sloan Working Paper 5969-20. Cambridge, MA: MIT Sloan School of Management, May 2021.

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