Vivek F. Farias


Vivek F. Farias


Vivek Farias is the Patrick J. McGovern (1959) Professor and a Professor of Operations Management at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

His research focuses on the development of new methodologies for large-scale dynamic optimization under uncertainty, and the application of these methodologies to the design of practical revenue management strategies across various industries ranging from airlines and retail to online advertising. Farias is a recipient of the 2006 INFORMS MSOM Student Paper prize for a research paper judged to be the best in the field of operations management. A consultant in the finance industry, he most recently contributed to GMO LLC’s first successful high-frequency algorithmic trading strategy.

Farias holds a BS in computer engineering from the University of Arizona, and a PhD in electrical engineering from Stanford University.


Farias wins teaching award

Farias wins 2020 Jamieson Prize

Farias' Paper a finalist for Wagner Prize

Vivek Farias paper awarded

Vivek Farias paper honored

Vivek Farias and Tavneet Suri have each received funding from the Solomon Buchsbaum Research Fund


"Near-Optimal A-B Testing."

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"Rapid, Deep and Precise Profiling of the Plasma Proteome with Multi-nanoparticle Protein Corona."

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"Assortment Optimization under Consider-then-Choose Choice Models."

Aouad, Ali, Vivek F. Farias, and Retsef Levi. Management Science (2020). SSRN.

"On the Efficacy of Static Prices for Revenue Management in the Face of Strategic Customers."

Chen, Yeiwei, Vivek F. Farias, and Nikolaos Trichakis. Management Science Vol. 65, No. 12 (2019): 5535-5555.

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