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Healthcare Certificate

MIT Sloan students working on an Action Learning project at MGH.

The Healthcare Certificate is open to any student enrolled in an MIT degree program. It is designed to create a community equipped to explore and test innovations that can yield measurable improvements in the healthcare system. The program is built on MIT’s culture of interdisciplinary collaboration, world-class teaching, and rich action-learning experiences, and our students take full advantage of the opportunities provided by the Boston area’s world-class hospitals, biomedical companies, and biomedical investigators. The Certificate provides the foundational knowledge and practical, hands-on industry experience students need to pursue health industry careers. Our students have gone on to positions across the healthcare ecosystem, from healthcare consulting and delivery systems, to entrepreneurship, to work in the pharmaceutical and biomedical industries. To enroll you must currently be an MIT student; complete the Healthcare Certificate enrollment form.


The Healthcare Certificate’s innovative curriculum and flexible structure allow you to explore specific health-related academic and career interests. To earn the Healthcare Certificate, you must complete the three required courses, as well as electives totaling at least nine units. Courses cannot be taken pass/fail, except for Pandemic-related passing grades (PE/NE grading).

Required courses


Our goal is to be flexible in approving electives, allowing you to pursue your specific interests in healthcare. You may request approval to participate in relevant courses at Sloan, as well as in other MIT departments. You may also request permission to use an Action Learning Lab or other project-based class in place of an elective, provided that the project is in healthcare.  

Elective Offerings

WATCH: Healthcare Lab - MIT Students Change Health Organizations and Systems

In Healthcare Lab, an MIT Sloan Action Learning Lab, students from across campus work directly with industry partners to work on complex, systems-level challenges facing healthcare-related organizations. Healthcare Lab is a core course for the MIT Healthcare Certificate.

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