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MIT Sloan students demonstrating the HSI Approach: world-class research and education in the field.

Solutions with the power to improve health

At HSI, we explore, design, and test new innovations in healthcare analytics, operations, and incentives.  We bring these management lenses to tackle challenges in finding and adding value in healthcare systems.  We also bring together industry leaders with world-class researchers and students to join projects in the field that aim to improve health and lower healthcare costs.

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New MIT Sloan research relating to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended many of our usual ways of life and its consequences will be far reaching and long lasting. MIT Sloan is at the forefront of addressing many facets of this pandemic. HSI’s researchers are a part of this urgent work as they bring their specific expertise to bear on the many healthcare challenges.

MIT Sloan has a team devoted to curating the COVID-19 research, along with student and alumni efforts. We are very proud of the efforts and energy exemplified by this healthcare work. To learn more about the latest findings, please click here.

MIT News also highlights relevant research. For example, a study by Emil Verner of the 1918 flu pandemic shows U.S. cities that responded more aggressively in health terms also had better economic rebounds. Learn more

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