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10 startups harnessing the power of AI


Small startups are often able to take on some of the world’s biggest challenges because they’re adept at tapping into the power of emerging technologies.

At the recent 2023 MIT Digital Technology and Strategy Conference, 10 such startups shared how they’re harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to accelerate digital transformation across a variety of industries. Here’s a closer look at how they’re doing it.

Startups to watch

  • Cleanlab

    Cleanlab’s AI algorithms find and fix errors in datasets, with the goal of turning unreliable data into reliable models and insights.

  • CoCoPIE

    Software maker CoCoPIE’s core technology — compression-compilation co-design — aims to streamline AI deployment and execution on various platforms, including mobile and internet-of-things devices, and in data centers.

  • Covariance

    Covariance is developing a machine learning model that combines all available data (e.g., first-party, third-party, and public) into a profile that businesses can use to learn about their competitors.

  • Einblick

    Einblick’s data notebook uses generative AI to help users write and fix code, build charts and models, and streamline user collaboration.

  • Hopara

    Hopara is a data visualization company that is developing a faster, more affordable way to create digital twins, or models of physical systems.

  • MontBlancAI

    MontBlancAI’s anomaly-detection algorithms help manufacturing companies track their factory production levels, monitor machine deterioration, and set predictive maintenance thresholds.

  • serviceMob

    ServiceMob is a customer service and support analytics platform that uses AI to provide companies with a view of their customer service operations and offer actionable insights for improvement.

  • TechNext

    TechNext uses search algorithms and machine learning to identify, predict, and assess the investment opportunities of emerging technology for sectors such as aerospace, automotive, energy, and venture capital.

  • Wise Systems

    Wise Systems is developing a suite of products that use machine learning to improve last-mile routing and deliveries for drivers, customers, and companies.

  • Zapata

    Zapata specializes in industrial generative AI, a category of enterprise software that harnesses both language and numerical models to solve industrial-scale problems.

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